Saturday, October 19, 2013

One man's story about upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10

Yeaterday, Oct 18 I upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu 13.10. The upgrade was successful without problems except keyboard layout changing hotkeys.


The nightmare came when I tried to install nvidia-prime drivers for my NVS 4200M GPU. First of all laptop gets compatibility problem. I can set nvidia settings to load the system in 600x400 resolution. And nothing helps to change it. Second, the system loads without gnome themes for unity (see the screenshots).

So I removed nvidia drivers to solve the problem and monitors.xml generated by nvidia.


To improve my laptop battery life I installed laptop-mode-tools. Restarted and... Now I have to network connection icons. Bingo!


I don't know why but not all applications are shown in the left menu bar. And are present in the list of opened when pressing alt+tab. But I see them in the super+w list.

You can see that there is no Sublime-Text 2 in the left app bar. But it is there. Icons problem!?!?!?

When I press super+w we see it. But there is no icon in the left bar!

My question is: "WTF?!?!?!?!?! Where is upgrades and fixes for all this sh**t?????"


After enabling all sources disabled before upgrading to 13.10, update and restarting laptop my sublime came back to app list and listing using alt+tab. There was Ubuntu developers packages Qt editor, qml etc. May be the problem was missing of new version of these packages.


I found out that laptop mode tools package works so. The second icon is not network status duplication, but the selection between network connecitons wire/wireless. 

Up to this moment launcher is not working properly. I can't lock and unlock application on it.